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How to Create a Photography Portfolio Website on Wix in 7 Easy Steps

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

So it's time to show the world what you've got. Your images are rock solid, professional, and it's time to show off your skills and get some gigs. There are many ways to go about creating your first photography website. Why complicate it? Wix Websites has pre-built photography templates that will show off all your best shots. We've put together 7 simples steps that will take you no more than an hour to get started. Your new website is only a few minutes away!

Three Professional Female Photographers on a train track

1. Visit

The first and easiest step is already done! See? It's not so bad! You got this!

Visit for a DISCOUNT for your first year of Premium.

2. Setup an account & Choose a Template.

Wix has hundreds of free templates to choose from that are built specially for Photographers. Pick a template that represents you style the most. Think about how you want your website visitors to feel when they visit your page. Don't worry, you'll be bale to change the colors and fonts in the next steps. Focus on the layout of the website... which template feels right to you?

3. Customize theme and template (Choose Colors & Fonts)

Think of your color palette. Even the most simplest of colors can say a lot about your brand. Keep it clean and simple, as to not take any attention away from your photographs and works of art. A white background with dark grey text color and logo can be just perfect.

4. Create a Logo with the Wix Logo Maker (Free with premium membership)

This step is optional. If you're looking for creating a 2d simple title logo, maybe with a simple icon, then you'll be able to create one easily with the Wix Logo Maker. Using your name as your logo is professional, clean, and totally acceptable. Don't stress about creating an original name, if your own name will suffice!

5. Upload your contact info and portfolio photos.

Now comes the fun part! Visit the Gallery or Portfolio Page from the template you've chosen, and start uploading your images into the Gallery. You can upload photos from your dropbox or directly form your computer. Quick & easy!

Woman on her laptop web designing and searching the web

6. Buy and Connect your Domain Name

If you haven't already decided on your website's name, this is where you'll have to pick a web address for your website (also known as a domain name). For example, if your name is Jane Smith, and maybe you want to use "Jane Smith Photography" as the main title of your website, then you may want a domain or web address/URL to be something like "" or even simpler, "". Wix will walk you through the process and how to search for your domain name and connect it to your new website.

7. Publish your site & go live!

At this point, you've already tweaked and adjusted your website to just the way you want it. You've aded your photos (portfolio), your contact information, and created a domain name. Now, sit back and relax and never worry about your website needing maintenance or continuous technical updates. Wix has got you covered there! Think of your website working for you 24/7 as your sales rep. Now that your portfolio is public and live, get out there and keeping shooting awesome photos!



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